Realtime Landscaping Architect 2013 v5.17 Final

Realtime Landscaping Architect 2013 v5.17 Final

Realtime Landscaping Architect включает всё необходимое для разработки профессиональных планов ландшафта и презентаций. Создание на фото-основе конструкций, планирование рисунков, и даже полные 3D пошаговые руководства с помощью этого простого в использовании программного обеспечения. Никакого предварительного опыта CAD не требуется.

Feature Summary:
- Photo-Based Landscape Design: Import a photo and design the landscape. Ideal for creating before-and-after views of your property.
- 3D Landscape Design: Design houses, decks, fencing, edging, lawns, gardens, and more. Walk through your designs in realtime 3D. Create movies and presentations of

your landscaping ideas.
- Water Features: Add sprinkler systems, fountains, waterfalls, custom swimming pools (above and below ground), spas, ponds, streams, and more. Includes PebbleTec

custom pool finishes.
- Landscape Plans and CAD drawings: Design professional landscape plans, installation instructions, and CAD drawings. Unique Plan view automatically creates the 3D

view as you design.
- Total Objects: Includes pictures, models, and symbols. The number of plants is shown in parenthesis.

Product Features:
- Create 3D landscape designs
- Design over a photo
- Maximum terrain size
- Realistic lighting and shadows
- Day and night visualization
- Accessories including gazebos, custom fencing, and much more
- Unlimited undo
- Plant growth tool
- Project estimates and material lists
- Integrated picture editor
- Edging and retaining walls
- House columns
- Poster-size printouts
- Layer support
- Advanced curve editing tools
- Import digital photos
- Import custom materials
- Import custom models (3ds and SketchUp)
- Create custom models using integrated modeling tools
- Fences
- Fence gates
- Freely edit in 2D or 3D
- Realtime walkthroughs
- Create custom plant varieties
- Raised flower beds
- Dimensions and lot boundaries
- Decks
- Custom fence styles
- 3D house design (exterior only)
- Create movies in AVI format
- Slopes and hills
- Advanced terrain sculpting
- Building pads and sloped driveways
- Hedge creation tool
- Landscape wizard
- Print to scale
- House, Deck, and Fence wizards
- Model creation wizard
- Curved deck stairs and railing
- Shape boolean operations (add, subtract, intersection)
- Sprinkler systems
- Swimming pools
- Custom spas
- Curved pool walls and decking
- Ponds and streams
- Fountains
- Waterfalls and spillways
- Create landscape plans and CAD drawings
- Hand-drawn plant symbols
- Color pencil, marker, and solid color washes
- Add company logo to printouts and movies
- CAD drawing tools
- Customizable appearance in Plan/3D views for most objects
- Title blocks
- Plant label wizard
- Symbol import and creation wizards
- Includes A0-A4 drawing templates
- Automatic plant mass blending
- Plan view drop shadows
- Plant keys and container sizes
- Adobe PDF support
- Add OLE objects to the Plan view such as Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD drawings, and Word documents.
- Automatic plant legend
- Solid, gradient, and picture area fills

System requirements:
- 1-2GHz CPU
- 512MB - 2GB System RAM
- Video Card with 256MB - 1 GB of video memory
- Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP
- Mouse, Laptop Touchpad, or other pointing device

Год: 2014
Язык: английский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 2.85 Gb

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