Kansas - Original Album Classics - 5CD-Box (2009) [FLAC]

Kansas - Original Album Classics - 5CD-Box (2009) [FLAC]

Kansas - Original Album Classics
Label: Sony / Legacy / Epic - 88697459822
Series: Original Album Classics
Format: 5 x CD, Album, Box Set, Reissue, FLAC
Released 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Progressive Rock
Size: 1.74 GB


CD 1: Kansas (1974)
01:Can I Tell You
02:Bringing It Back
03:Lonely Wind
05:Journey From Mariabronn
06:The Pilgrimage
08:Death Of Mother Nature Suite

Bonus Track:
09:Bringing It Back (Live)

CD 2: Song For America (1975)
01:Down The Road
02:Song For America
03:Lamplight Symphony
04:Lonely Street
05:The Devil Game
06:Incomudro - Hymn To The Atman

Bonus Tracks:
07:Song For America (Single Edit)
08:Down The Road (Live)

CD 3: Masque (1975)
01:It Takes A Woman's Love (To Make A Man)
02:Two Cents Worth
03:Icarus (Borne On Wings Of Steel)
04:All The World
05:Child Of Innocence
06:It's You
07:Mysteries And Mayhem
08:The Pinnacle

Bonus Track:
09:Child Of Innocence (Demo Version)
10:It's You (Demo Version)

CD 4: Leftoverture (1976)
01:Carry On Wayward Son
02:The Wall
03:What's On My Mind
04:Miracles Out Of Nowhere
05:Opus Insert
06:Questions Of My Childhood
07:Cheyenne Anthem
08:Magnum Opus:
Father Padilla Meets The Perfect Gnat
Howling At The Moon
Man Overboard
Industry On Parade
Release The Beavers
Gnat Attack

Bonus Track:
09:Carry On Wayward Son (Live)
10:Cheyenne Anthem (Live)

CD 5: Point Of Know Return (1977)
01:Point Of Know Return
03:The Spider
04:Portrait (He Knew)
05:Closet Chronicles
06:Lightning's Hand
07:Dust In The Wind
08:Sparks Of The Tempest
09:Nobody's Home
10:Hopelessly Human

Bonus Track:
11:Sparks Of The Tempest (Live)
12:Portrait (He Knew) (Remix)


Steve Walsh Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Kerry Livgren Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Robbie Steinhardt Violin, Lead Vocals
Phil Ehart Drums
Dave Hope Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rich Williams Guitar

Теги: Kansas Rock FLAC

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