Guinness Book of World Records 2015

Guinness Book of World Records 2015

Издание 2015 демонстрирует самые лучшие из самых последних мировых рекордов.

With a fresh new design and feel inspired by innovations in tablet technology, the latest GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book presents thousands of new and updated records, along with hundreds of amazing never-before-seen photographs. The 2015 edition showcases the very best of the most recent world records, with new subjects as diverse as castles, 3D printing, the search for alien life and the latest developments in AI and robotics. Plus, the Flashback features offer a look back at the archives to bring you the best of the classic and iconic records from the past 60 years. Meanwhile, the Gallery spreads present the best GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS photography across themed topics such as giant musical instruments, wacky vehicles and animals in action. And look out for details of how readers can become record-breakers themselves.

Published September 9th 2014 by Guinness World Records
ISBN 1908843632 (ISBN13: 9781908843630)
Edition: language English
Format: pdf
Size: 145.94 MB

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